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listening tonight

to the one and only Jake Thackray
and this song particularly – as fine an anti-war song as ever written.

a unique and beautiful talent and certainly quirky.
and a gift with words, delivery and phrasing unmatched.


how lucky to have grown up listening to him
and to all the others. Round the Horne, The Goon Show, The Frost Report,
The Good Life, Yes Minister, Pete and Dud etc., etc., etc.

the pics as usual have nothing to do with the words


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no chocolate


on Valentine’s Day

but lots of snow



I went out last night “around midnight” while it was still snowing to take these

the colour is appropriate



“I”ll light the fire

while you place the flowers etc., etc.”



the colour is appropriate

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and then today…


our dog was attacked by pig hunting dogs…



that is just the way they are…

it’s in their training.



I wonder what excuse their handlers have for being such completely  unsocial assholes



it’s in their training.



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wandering around…

here with W.B. Yeats and Bach.
cantatas unfortunately, not violin….
the sad words of
“when you are old and gray…”
“I will arise now and go…
and a small cabin build there…”



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