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dirty old photos

if Gustave Courbet had a camera


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I say tomato…

you say 大和

I say potato and you say 大和

hinomaru – the pacifist’s version

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to even the greyest of days

延暦寺, 比叡山


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something dark

just to balance

the seeming optimism of the last post

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family time

it’s obon again

brain dead drivers on the road

more than the usual load of bad manners and thoughtlessness

but at least K. is home

I’m not sure weather he looks like an American kid from the late 50s

or a German from the 30s!!

He’s here with his squeeze

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every day

the last thing before I go to sleep

and the first thing in the morning

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looking towards Kaikoma from Nakamaru

it’s obscured by clouds…

which is probably as good a way as any to look at the world

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