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or do they?


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she eats like a pig

but scratches like a cat

practising scary face


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Black and White

5:30 this morning I was woken up by the kittens. The light was nice so, after feeding them, I went out to take some photos around the museum. It couldn’t have been more different than yesterday morning with it’s snow.

Black was bouncy and noisy and now is not.

White wasn’t but now is.

Cats underfoot. Noisy women visiting……

Another relaxing Sunday.

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engawa cafe

and hanami…

a 2cv, ponytailed old hippies and housewives

and drunk old men in a park….just another Sunday in Yatsugatake.

but K. was good looking and his girlfriend pretty,

M. not totally batty and the food tasty

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childhood playground

needless to say it didn’t end well

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