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Rice harvest

it’s that time of year again…

slap a bit of colour on it

it’s just smoke and mirrors

without the mirrors


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Unlike the inferior systems practised in other lesser countries the Japanese judicial system is uniquely simple and is best described by two defining rules.

1: If you are poor, ordinary or otherwise of no consequence you are guilty and will be fucked.

2: If you are any of the following: A bureaucrat, a politician, a member of an “erai” profession or just plain rich you are either innocent or couldn’t help it.

If you belong to group 2 you may rape and murder hostesses in Roppongi quite freely.

You may be responsible for the deaths of others – as long as those “others” belong to group 1 and not group 2.


You’ll only get a suspended sentence for that.

Stalking? No problem if you’re a bureaucrat or she’s a foreigner or otherwise of no consequence..


Another suspended sentence? What a surprise!

If the members of group 1 are dirty, homeless, sick or otherwise useless a member of group 2 may kill upwards of 500 and still only receive 2 years in jail….suspended.


This is as equally serious as a member of group 1 stealing a ¥98 eraser.

In simple math:

Failure to pay a traffic violation fine may result in a prison term calculated at one day per ¥5,000 of penalty.

Eg. a ¥60,000 fine would result in a 12 day stay in a detention centre. A prison.

If one day = ¥5,000 then two years = ¥3,650,000 (5000 x 730)

Therefore a prison sentence of two years for the causing the deaths of 500 people in the HIV scandal works out at…..a ¥7,300 fine per death (3.650,000÷500).

Things are much clearer in simple math.

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local colour


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Don’t go…

chasing waterfalls…



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and went


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some people…

have have spent their whole life getting here.


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