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When they settle this

and the bombs in the ground in Laos.

Then they can complain about one sick, old man being set free.

My Lai-02

The first time the Americans came

the children followed them.

They gave the children sweets to eat

then they smiled and left.

We don’t know their language

they smiled and said “OK”

and so we learned the word “OK”

The second time they came

we poured them water to drink

they didn’t say anything.

The third time

they killed everyone

Killed everybody…

destroyed everything.

Nothing was left.



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recycling m.

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Some time ago, Stuart, my damaged and recently deceased uncle, was driving home at night after having a few drinks….a few drinks too many…at the bar in Royal Hotel (also damaged and deceased). He was stopped by the police.

“Ah, Mr. Morrison I see you’ve had a few too many. You’d better follow us to your home so we can make sure you don’t come to any harm.”

It must have been around here as he was on his way home to Toward Point.

Unlike the useless police here who’ll stop you if you so much as remember the taste of your last drink but otherwise will just sit by the side of the road stopping perfectly safe drivers….


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if this city…

ever elects a useless prick like Ishihara as mayor…..

but it never will and that’s why I love it.


“useless prick like Ishihara” metatagged 10,000 times for educational purposes.

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